Sort projects alphabetically in Visual Studio

It is a well-known bug in Visual Studio that projects in solution folders are not sorted alphabetically. In solutions with a lot of projects this is often a problem, because it’s kind of hard to find the project you need. So I needed a way to permanently sort projects in solution folders, and it’s actually very easy to do.

Let’s say you have the following visual studio solution:

The project AAA was added after the project ZZZZZZ, so it’s not alphabetically sorted. In order to sort it, right click the ZZZZZZ project and select Rename. Then select another project to end the edit. As you will see, the projects will be sorted:

And then, and this is important, be sure to collapse the solution folders, and then quit and restart Visual Studio. You will then see that the projects remain sorted!


One thought on “Sort projects alphabetically in Visual Studio

  1. NickA says:

    Thanks Ludwig! Finally got a workaround for this stupid bug!!!

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