Trails – Find your way!

Today I discovered a nice app for the iPad/iPhone, called trails, that helps me find the fastest route to work (and back). It records the route I take, with time and distance, which allows me to compare them to alternatives I tried out.

The nice thing is that it works also without internet connection, because it caches the maps once it is connected. And you can also export and import maps, and much more… for more information, look here.

So how does it work… click the ‘+’ button to add a new track, enter a name and click ‘Save’:


Now you’re ready to start recording, just click the ‘Start recording’ button:


Start driving, walking or whatever you are doing. The app will track where you go. If you’re finished, click the ‘Stop recording’ button:


And then you see an overview of the route you took, elapsed time, distance, and even the ascent and descent:


And of course you can also use it to track your hikes, bike trips or jogs!


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