Sharepoint integration with IE 9

A while ago I set up a Sharepoint Services 3.0 site, which was working fine. However, lately two annoying problems appeared. It I tried to edit text using the rich text editor, I got exception:


Trying to edit a document from a document library resulted in:


I searched for days to find the reason for this, and to my surprise there was actually nothing wrong with Sharepoint or Office, but with the fact that I used Internet Explorer 64 bit. All editions of IE 64 bit have only limited support, which caused all of these issues! If I use the 32 bit version of IE, there were no problems.


One thought on “Sharepoint integration with IE 9

  1. Glen says:

    Using compatibility mode (the little torn document in the Address Bar) also fixes this problem. Works in Win8/IE10.

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